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Statistics - The Past and Future

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:17 am    Post subject: Statistics - The Past and Future Reply with quote

So as most know I've been getting back into PU, [MC]Rust. This was the first real computer game I ever played and it will always be my favorite. I tried first person shooters and MMOs all of which I was good at but this small game just trumps them all.

I've been browsing through the forums since my return and I've seen much discussion regarding the recent stats reset and keeping the history of old races. I agree strongly with what some said regarding that old stats are a HUGE part of this game and how it moves forward.

Before I say anything else I want to say when I clicked the login button I wasn't even sure if the servers still existed and i found an amazing IPL lounge with fixed stats still active people and a lounge that even fixed everything for you... The work you people (you know who you are) is amazing so I want to say anything that I suggest below is based on my passion for stats and solely for suggestion purposes I don't expect someone to take hours out of their days to appease us racers - it is enough to race with you all! Smile

The purpose of this thread was to share my thoughts about our stats and how they are shown. http://web.archive.org/web/20030626150250/www.deadlineracers.net/cgi-bin/nfs5/nfs5stats.cgi?action=showwrs&lang=ger&db=1030000000 If you visit here you will see some true WR's ones that most racers after the EA shutdown are not even aware of. Getting to the heart of my post I want to hear feedback about what people think about:

1. Merging DR stats with our own (this really isn't much data as DR system has very limited combos).
2. This will allow us (including fantastic racers like rick and nath) to be challenged to the highest level, on the level. It will also allow us to have more names on our stats list to fill them so we can be more encouraged to get a top 10 or top 25. Due to population loss getting a top 25 really is automatic in 2013 if you have a wheel.
3. Modifying how are stats are displayed. This is one of the most important things I wanted to address. I don't want to say just copy DR but is it really necessary to know or for that matter care who got what time in the 52 1300 cabriolet on alps bwd? In my opinion looking at WR's this flaws the data and just shows who had more time to run this 356 at 2 am and theres only 5 people listed. Then there is the damage options ect. Please don't misunderstand me, I know the rush of getting a "WR" and people like G enjoy getting detailed stats but I just find that if we had it more clean we could keep our data more history rich, clean and competitive.

I want to clarify when I was in DR stats I didn't even have one r10, I maybe had a couple 25's probably not even that. As a newbie I was challenged not the get the WR but challenged to get in the top 50. 25, 10. This is the motivation that I want to bring back to the game that pumped it. There are so many aspects to these stats that brought "hope" to play. For example in our current stats the easiest way to see great racers is to click on Mod for a year. But it's 3 cars and very dominated. In DR you had the opportunity to show off your talent. You could be on the wall of fame for spyder and be hero for railing schw on a car that can't turn despite wazza being the best coupe for zone. Some people were pro's of the 944 a car we rarely race any more. I guess what I'm trying to say is statistics wise to be "noticed" it is a very narrow path with a huge database of combos.

http://web.archive.org/web/20021108221745/http://www.deadlineracers.net/cgi-bin/nfs5/nfs5stats.cgi?action=showrecs&trk=8&dir=B&clas=2&lang=ger&db=1030000000 as you can see top 25 is very competitive - even after the reset, before it was insane.

We could set up a point system granting for example 50 pts top 50, 250 pts top 25 and 500 pts for a WR. There could be track heros and car heros. The data is less but so much more exciting and full of opportunity for people like [SK]Liu who races repetitive combos could be on the wall of fame for spyder mc1 and that we encourage him to spyder other mc's. I'm looking for ways to make an exciting game more exciting than it already is for the ultimate time. Who knows this might even encourage pass by super old players to start playing again just seeing themselves up there in history... Smile

I understand this is a disturbingly large suggestion and I am just one voice but I ask you take a few seconds to comprehend what I've tried to portray before replying and I'd love to hear feedback or ways that I can help.


P.S. The WR's are there but the DR stats were reset. There still are some decent data we could pull of those archives but does anyone have the archives before the reset? Anybody? Maybe warren? The more old names the richer the history.

If needed I can move this discussion to http://www.iplounge.net/ipl2/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2106
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